AMD's stock plummets 14%, and this is good news for gamers.

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So why is it good news for gamers? Because with miners buying fewer cards, gamers might actually be able to get their hands on new cards at decent prices, and the Vega cards might actually see the $200 price cuts they need to make sense against the 1070, 1070Ti, and 1080. Remember, AMD is sitting at a miserable 17% share on Steam, down 3% since July, and at current prices Vega makes zero sense against the competition.

AMD released its third-quarter earnings report after Tuesday's market close, and shares plummeted nearly 11% after the company said it expects its fourth-quarter sales to drop about 15% from the third quarter. This is, in part, because of a slowing demand for the company's GPUs used to speed up some cryptocurrency mining operations.