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forza 7 and horizon 3 texture glitches

Question asked by teerohr on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by loccothan

Hello Community, long time AMD user here. (9800 Pro, x1950xt, 7870, R9 290x and now RX Vega 56).


I have Problems with the Drivers in the Forza games ever since 17.10.1


I tried updating to the new FCU as well as downgrade to the previous Windows version (with all possible combinations).


When I try to load into Forza Horizon 3 it takes about 5-7 minutes to load into the game with the drivers since 17.10.1, if I succeed in loading it up, I get texture pop ins or just blank spaces.


With Forza 7 I get texture disco, meaning some textures wont load properly and I get weird color glitching.


All these Problems vanish if I use 17.9.3 and below, but the newer drivers seem to handle the GPU better in general, as they seem to not switch p-states as often and handle the load more consistently.


My PC specs are:


Asrock Z77 extreme 4, Bios version 2.90

Intel i5 3570k

12gb Corsair Vengeance lp ddr 3 ram  @1600mhz

Rx Vega 56

Games are installed on a HDD (tried a different one to no avail).


Hope this entry makes someone aware of the problem (if they are currently not).


Thank you very much for reading.