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Black Screen After Updating To 17.10.2 RX Vega 64 - Windows 10

Question asked by siegmund99 on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by amdmatt

I updated to 17.10.2 and got a blacksreen with the windows cursor..okay reboot and couldn't boot into windows. I got a black monitor with these white win 10 circles or (later onafter many tries) it booted but instead of desktop it's black with the toolbar...switching to a geforce 6600 worked without problems...switching to a r9 270x worked until i installed the 17.10.2 driver...switching back to vega64 on only hdmi output worked fine...but with my main monitor (display-port) and hdmi output (secondary) same problem...i tried with amdcleanuputillity and windows uninstall and both couldn't fully delete the 17.10.2 driver...msi afterburner said it's still there and i could game just fine…while uninstalling displaydriver ->blackscreen with cursor….while installing displaydriver-> blacksreen with after many tries it booted with the brocken dektop and i installed the old 17.10.1 and it works just fine. I would like to know why i have these problem with 17.10.2 and vega64. If you need more system info (which will be the case i think) just ask. Sorry if my english is not so great at the moment but im really mad right now... .


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