17.10.3 - Memory overclocking slider is still messed

Discussion created by imaysky on Oct 24, 2017
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[QUOTE="AlleyViper, post: 5484707, member: 119475"]Memory overclocking slider is still messed like in the previous Fall Update drivers. A setting like 2025MHz will be applied while under load, but the slider will return to the card's default 2000MHz both on wattman and MSI AB, and CPU-Z will also fail to detect the currently applied memory overclock on the Graphics Card tab (but will show it on the Sensor tab under load), and resetting to defaults won't return vram to it's default (will keep previously applied OC).[/QUOTE]


I have the same problem, only at MSI RX 470

Do you test your drivers?


Update: 17.10.3 - nothing has been fixed