17.10.2 bug with R9 390X

Discussion created by georgex on Oct 24, 2017

My vga is r9 390x.I installed 17.10.2 crimson drivers,the installation procces was succesfull.The problem is thatt when i try to lauch any game,or the amd radeon settings i get an error that says

Failed to create OpenGL context...     and the game crashes.

i installed the previous version (17.10.1) and all work perfect.

I think its a bug of 17.10.2 version and R9 390X.


PS:Also older version like 17.4.1 , 17.4.2 , 17.4.3 ,17.4.4 and 17.5.1 were bugged(directx crashed when any game was launched) with R9 390X.Only 17.3.3 was ok.After the 17.5.1 the problems were fixed but now with 17.10.2 the same problems occured.


Amd please fix it.