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    HDMI audio output creates 3rd Monitor




      I am using an AMD R9 200 series with two matching HP 24" monitors. I recently used the spare HDMI output from the card to connect to my Onkyo amplifier to get high end audio. The problem is that now Windows thinks I have three monitors, and every time my cursor goes off the right edge of my second monitor, it disappears into the 'HDMI' monitor (monitor 2 in the images below).


      Ie there any way to disable the HDMI monitor in either Catalyst or Windows?





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            The R9 200 is primarily a VIDEO card which also supports Audio, so any output from the card will assumed to be a video output.

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                Thanks Ray for pointing out that the 9200 is a VIDEO card. I thought perhaps the fact that I posted this query on an AMD forum specifically for Driver and Software problems for VIDEO cards might have possibly indicated that I knew the 9200 is primarily a VIDEO card.


                Obviously my original post gave no clue as to what I was asking. Let me elucidate.


                My water-cooled AMD 9200 VIDEO card (I have been building water-cooled rigs for 12 years) has an HDMI port which I connected to an Onkyo amplifier. (The £400 amplifier I got for £40 because of a faulty design on the HDMI board. I replaced 35 surface mounted capacitors on the board, and installed a 140mm fan above the board in the amp case and hey presto! - a fully working high end 7.1 receiver/amplifier)


                The HDMI signal from the VIDEO card carries both audio and Video, which is why my pc sees the amp as a MONITOR. I am wanting to establish if anyone has found a way to disable the video signal while leaving the audio signal working.