Russian prices for Vega 56

Discussion created by alexanderzhukov on Oct 24, 2017
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Hello Friends,

       I waited for Vega GPUs all these and previous days. And now I can get it!

     But. I faced with one interesting thing... a sad point for AMD in Russia: prices for Vega 56 and Nvidia 1080.

     You can get Vega for ~500 euro.



GTX 1080 for ~471 euro.


So. I'm sad. I'm really sad about this issue.

Now I need a new graphic card. My last one is dead (GTX 570 (it was my first nvidia card. Before that I used only ATI/AMD cards)).

So... my logic says me: based on conditions: prices and efficiency - you have to buy 1080 =(

But heart says: may be you wait a little bit? may be something will change on market?

It's a really hard case.


It's not a sad story for me only, but for AMD only in my native market.

I can assume that the sales of Vega will be extremely low because of the price policy in my country.