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LoadLibrary failed with Error 87: The parameter is incorrect.. Regarding SketchUp 2017

Question asked by blazedjuk on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by blazedjuk

I know there are a few discussions regarding this issue.


I have not been able to resolve mine from them.


This issue I have is with SketchUp 2017


I have an AMD Radeon HD8550G adapter, AMD A8-5550M APU, Running Window 10 upgraded from Windows 7. 8Gb of RAM, 64-bit OS.


I'm also using a Kensington USB3.0 2X Video Dock but I have the same issue while it is not connected.


None of the Crimson software or drivers now install due to this error 87. I have uninstalled the old Catalyst software as well to see if that helps but no.


I have run all Windows updates and followed a few Youtube videos and AMD's workaround without any success.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.