Manufacturers choose AMD APUs only to cheap out.

Discussion created by freebeasso on Oct 23, 2017
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Hello everyone.
I  am a huge fan of AMD and was very happy in the early days of APUs.
it used to be a great option that allows users to have multiple GPU crossfire between the GPU inside the APU and the actual GPU on the board.


However, the Laptop manufacturers over the years started to use the APU as a stun to show off its inner GPU in the specs and neglecting to install one on board so they get the sales without the extra cost and the user ends up screwed.
I have an A9 7th generation and it is amazing in multitasking but the lack of a dedicated graphics card makes it struggle in games on its own.

I just do not  know if everyone agrees about this and I wish for AMD to avoid this issue in their coming APU generation.


I hope they will  force the installation of an equal GPU on board with every installed APU.