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    The penalties of being an early adopter...


      And this is why I hate being an early adopter, and why I swore I never would be again. I also swore I'd buy top end so I wouldn't have to touch my system again for a while, but that was before Threadripper was announced and its capabilities were shown to be that much greater than Ryzen R7.


      I paid:



      When I could have waited and got for marginally more yet had much better capabilities, including multiple NVMe slots:


      And I'm not even going to say what I think about:


      Or what I think about:


      And his big fat bomb known as:


      Image result for amd vega

      Which should remind everyone of a certain previous AMD bomb:


      And the fact that third parties can't do anything with it:


      Oh well, there's always 2020 with what presumably will be called Socket AM5, assuming Jong Un doesn't start a nuclear war. If there is still an AMD anyway:





        • Re: The penalties of being an early adopter...

          15 years ago I bought the following:

          AMD Athlon XP 2800+ $410

          ASUS A7N8X Deluxe $155

          Corsair XMS 2x512MB $378


          Dual-channel memory controllers were new then so there weren't any matched RAM sets available until months later after people complained about  compatibility problems..


          Of course I didn't learn and pre-ordered the AMD R7 1700X and AMD Prime X370-Pro last February.