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A huge problem with the 8600m graphics is the clock drop at 73 degrees

Question asked by kukiz87 on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by ray_m

Hello and sorry for my weak english. I have an asus laptop x550dp with amd a10 5750m and dual graphics, graphics, 8650g + 8600m. I have a huge problem with some time with 8600m dedicated graphics. The graphics work fine with 975mhz until it reaches 73 degrees. Then the clock falls to 400mhz and the temperature drops suddenly to 65 degrees. Graphics have a block that can not reach temperatures above 73 degrees. I mentioned 3 months ago the pastes on arctic silver ceramics. I remember even before the exchange as the laptop was warming up that the graphics temperatures were over 80 degrees and everything worked ok, now I have huge fall in fps in games through this fall of the clock. Please help.Greetings from Poland