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    Why my Ryzen 5 1600 can't reach 3,6Ghz?



      I recently bought a Ryzen 5 1600 setup (following image bellow).


      I'd like to know why my cpu can't reach 3,6Ghz Turbo as it says at its box, only 3,4Ghz (following example bellow);


      I made a little research about my chipset and noticed that OC's can't be done. Is this the cause of it, lock any kind of OC even if it's Turbo?

      EDIT: i already updated BIOS for F4 v.;

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          Have you read about the requirements for reaching the 3.6Ghz state? Basically the majority of your cores have to be in a deep sleep condition (C6) for it to be possible for the remaining cores to hit Turbo. There's three conditions that must be satisfiable for it to be possible otherwise the chip will top out below Turbo.


          As I have read it, the chip is made to basically manage its own overclocking by default, so the gains from overclocking the Ryzen architecture at this point are pretty marginal.

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