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SAPPHIRE RX 470 4GB GDDR5 Mining (11256-36-10G SAMSUNG) cant change memory clock in sapphire trixx program.

Question asked by heki on Oct 23, 2017
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i have bought 6 of this. I am runing windows 10. The driver i use is this "Win10-64Bit-Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain-Workloads-Aug23.exe". I had to install a atikmdag-patcher in order for my cards to be working, if i didnt patch them one by one, i would see them in my system/device manager, but i would have a small yellow rectangle next to the name of the card.


The default values for this cards are 12xx for CPU and 1750 for Memory. I need to change this. I have tried sapphire trixx and msi afterburn. The programs load up and i can see the temperature, fan speed, cpu speed. But i cant change any values ... Why?? What do i have to do to change them? i have gone over 30 videos on youtube, read the same amout of website but noone has this problem. They just load up the program and change values on the fly ...


Please help me out! Is there another settings i need to check/uncheck?