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rx460 can not scale a 4k tv properly

Question asked by angryafnewraze on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by hardcoregames™

When I have my LG 4k tv connected via the hdmi port either directly to my LG 55JS8500 4k tv or go through my Denon AVR-1300W home theater receiver choose the lowest zoom out option or the recommended zoom in it the card does not scale my LG 4k tv properly after I choose the 4k resolution of 3840x2160. I have the option in the radeon settings software for gpu scaling on but that does nothing and there's no hdmi scaling on the radeon settings software. I had this same problem on my old hp pavilion desktop that had a amd a8 7800 apu with r5 graphics in it.