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saphire r9 270x crash Radeon Wattman

Question asked by renerviox on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by ray_m

hello, i have a problem with my video card, was fine,, but in these days , playing im  getting radeon wattmna default crash, then i can see  when supose is restore my default, my gpu clock stay on 450 mhz , instead 1100 mhz default OC, and if i change in over drive to 1000, or 990, o more, the gpu MHZ still on 450mhz , and keep crash , till i get restart my PC , and then the MHZ will be ok again.. is like when crash, get stucked on faulty MHZ.. im using tried, new ones and older, and is the same, i was using msi after burner and is same problem.


help me please.


Motherboard: MSI Z87 MPOWER SP

Intel i5 4670k 3.4 ghz

coolermaster Hyper 212 evo

corsair vengeance 16gb

sapphire radeon r9 270x vaporX OC 2gb

corsair cx600m psu


if u can see on image , the iddle (no gaming) is 300 and 150, when i play it change to 990 and 1450 , so when it crash, is 450 and 1450 when iddle and playing, if i change to 990 and 1450 , the video card still running on 450 y 1450. and keep crashing till restart my pc





iddle after crash


restarting game after crash