iKoniK Modz Project ZB-7

Discussion created by ikonikmodz on Oct 22, 2017
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What's up everyone. I just wanted to give you all a peek into what I've been working on for my new Ryzen build! This build is themed around BumbleBee from Transformers which just happens to be my all time favorite Autobot. It's still a work in progress as it seems as soon as I get time to do another modification to finish the build; another new piece of tech gets released that I have to have. First it was waiting on the ITX motherboard, then it was getting a GPU, then it was the getting the new AsRock ITX motherboard, then Phanteks releasing the Tempered glass itx case, etc. etc. Either way I plan to move forward and at least put together the primary part of the rig and add/upgrade stuff as new things get released. LOL Asus just threw me a curve ball with the new ITX motherboards being released. You already know I have to have one. Dual M.2 ... pfft yeah (raises finger) Check please! Either way here's some pics to hold you over until the final build out. I'll update this thread with the build log video as soon as I finish it and upload it to my YouTube channel.