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    17.10.1 Drivers kill all overclocking on HD7970 (2D issues)


      As per title the latest drivers cause issue with some 2D parts of games but not 3D.

      On a few games there is severe graphical corruption on loading screens if either the GPU or Memory is overclocked at all, it doesn't affect videos or 3D rendering.

      Card is normally O/C to 950 GPU/1400 RAM but with these drivers as soon as overdrive is engaged  (ie either by just 1Hz) the problem occurs.

      Switching back to previous drivers solves it.


      It happens in a few games, but was first noticed in Dying Light on the loading screens between levels.


      I haven't checked but it looks to me something like the card is being mistaking undervolted or something.


      Windows 10 Pro x64

      16GB RAM

      1x Radeon HD7970