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Getting Bluescreen if i want to update AMD Raid/Sata Driver

Question asked by stiflersm0m on Oct 21, 2017
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i got huge problems trying to update my raid drivers or installing RaidXpert.


I now installed 2 times Windows 10 with the same error everytime.


I installed Windows 10 with this raid driver: PRIME B350-PLUS Driver & Tools| Motherboards | ASUS Global  (Version

I need to use the Windows 7 Driver for the installation, because Windows doesnt find a valid driver if i try to use the Windows 10 driver for the installation.


After the installation everything is fine, if i now try to update the chipset drivers (which includes the raid driver) Windows crashes with driver_irql_not_less_or_equal.

If i uncheck the Raid/Sata Driver under the custom installation i can install all the other chipset drivers without any problems.


I cant even install RaidXpert because its said it doesnt find any valid hardware.....



R5 1600

Asus Prime B350-Plus

16GB DDR4 3000

2x3TB HDD in Raid 0

1x256GB SSD

1x 2TB HDD in Legacy

Latest Bios installed.



Installed Storport Driver:

Installed Bottom Device Driver:


Tested with version 1703 and 1709


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