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    Driver issue? Something else?


      I have a weird problem that I cannot understand. This only happens in Rainbow Six Siege so far as I know because it is the only one where it is obvious. The problem is that in the menus where I normally see 59-60fps locked, it is bumped up to 66-68fps for some reason and this causes some kind of desync where player models etc aren't where i'm seeing them, animations are slow and then ReLive recordings experience desynced audio and it is very choppy when I play it back. To curb the problem for a small while I uninstall and reinstall the drivers (17.7.2 although I have tried 17.10.1 too) this take the frames in the menu down to 60 again and there aren't any issues with the gameplay or recordings using ReLive but this only lasts 1 day maximum, maybe even just 1 restart of my computer. Help please. I have a r5 1500x @ 3.8GHz, RX4804GB and 8GB of Crucial RAM single stick.