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      I am using Ryzen 3 1200 16gb RAM and XFX 7850 2Gb and recording all games with ReLive, works mostly perfect but in some games ReLve dosent work and if its work its green screen...example Today i wos try to record Fortnite game and ReLive canot record the game, back to desktop recording works Ok...back to Arma 3 to record works perfect..dose it have something with resolution becouse i have tried downgrade desktop resolution from 1920x1080 to 1680x 1050 and still dosent work!

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              XFX 7850 2Gb GDDR5 256bit

              Desktop system

              Windows 10 x64 Pro

              Radeon Software Version


              LED Freesync AOC 75Hz 1920x1080 connected via HDMI

              Motherboard ASRock A320M-DGS

              BIOS Version


              CPU Ryzen 3 1200

              Power Suply Corsair VS550

              RAM 16Gb DDR4 2400mhZ


              So mine problem ocures only in Fortnite game, i can run game only in full screen mode and works perfect even on epic settings but playing mostly on High for beter FPS..Graphical resolution in game is 1920x1080..

              When i switch from Full Screen to fullscreen windowed mode the picure freeze but i can hear in background sound working fine, its same for windowed mode where mine fps drop to 1fps but mine PC system dosent freeze or have any problems to open background programs...i can only run game on Full Screen, when i run ReLive it "record" video but you cant watch it and i dont get any sign that ReLive actualy start to record or stop recording...all other games like Star Citizen or Arma 3 for example works fine this hapening only in fortnite...i have try OBS and that software captures black screen but you can hear sound in background fine.