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Discussion created by cstrong05 on Oct 19, 2017
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I have been dealing with this issue for a while now.

To start off here are my specs of my pc:

Asus H110M-A  Motherboard

8GB Ram

i5 6500 CPU

XFX RX 550 4GB

600 Watt PSU

Windows 10


So I've tested everything:

1.Newer/Older Drivers(Tried just installing the display drivers) Of course with DDU

2. Underclocking/Overclocking/Changing Voltages in wattman

3. Reinstalled about 4 different version of Windows 10

4.Tried Windows 10 Drivers

5.Did a memory check and everything is working correctly

6. TDR fix

Nothing has worked, Yes I have the most up to date Bios and nothing is overclocked on my system


So, I play any game fine. Great performance on Overwatch, Decent on Battlefield for the GPU etc.

But theres a very older game I play Called Rose Online, that I always use Multiple clients on.

When I run it with just 1 Client on it runs fine no problems. The moment I open 2 or more has happened almost immediately sometimes

it takes a while but it eventually happens, my screen goes black and then recovers. I checked my event viewer and the error is 4101 amdkmdap stopped responding and has recovered.

I've played this game doing what I am trying to do on my older system that had a very older GPU and motherboard etc. So I am baffled as to why my newer PC is having this issue yet alone my

GPU. But every other game runs fine. Which is why I do not think I need to RMA the card. I think I would have to have alot worse issues for me to consider that the card is at fault. So I ruled out its the Card itself. Like this literally only happens when I run multiple window clients of this game. Keep in mind my CPU/GPU/Memory/Temperature is not at all that high while I have even 5 Clients open. This game doesnt require a high end gpu or anything. Its an older game.

I provided the Event Error and then something maybe that would help you guys assist me