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    Drivers BlockChain not working Windows 7




      Why, Blockchain drivers not work on Windows 7 ?


      they can be downloaded and nobody works ... no sense......I've tried on three computers for miners with windows 7



      will someone from the company deal with this?

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          Unfortunately this is a Beta level driver, provided as-is.

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              Thats a real smug answer for a simple question Ray.  Just answer the question so people can stop asking, its not like its the first time the question has been asked.... Does the Blockchain drivers work with Windows 7... Yes or No?
              And if you think Im a little irate.... you are right, I have spent hours trying to make my system work after I installed this driverset... SO just answer the question and act like we are customers

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                  Windows 7 is supported with this driver.

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                      I'm also having this problem.


                      win 7 x64

                      rx480 8GB


                      All miners I've tried crashes upon start.


                      @ray_m Could you please point me in the right direction, where should I start looking? The log says more or less nothing:


                      20:15:28:621 f18


                      20:15:28:627 f18 º     Claymore's Dual ETH + DCR/SC/LBC/PASC GPU Miner v10.3      º


                      20:15:28:632 f18

                      20:15:28:633 f18 b437

                      20:15:28:841 f18 ETH: 1 pool is specified

                      20:15:28:844 f18 Main Ethereum pool is eu1.ethermine.org:4444

                      20:15:28:847 f18 DCR: 1 pool is specified

                      20:15:28:850 f18 Main Decred pool is dcr.suprnova.cc:3252

                      20:15:29:669 f18 OpenCL platform: Intel(R) OpenCL

                      20:15:29:669 f18 OpenCL platform: NVIDIA CUDA

                      20:15:29:670 f18 OpenCL platform: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing

                      20:15:29:673 f18 OpenCL initializing...



                      20:15:29:673 f18 AMD Cards available: 1

                      20:15:29:675 f18 GPU #0: Ellesmere (Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics), 8192 MB available, 36 compute units (pci bus 2:0:0)

                      20:15:29:676 f18 GPU #0 recognized as Radeon RX 480/580

                      20:15:29:677 f18 POOL/SOLO version

                      20:15:29:678 f18 Platform: Windows

                      20:15:29:713 f18 start building OpenCL program for GPU 0...