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    hdr problem in Windows 10 Fall edition


      I have a problem in Windows 10 Fall edition (also with the previous Windows version) when turning HDR on. When I turn HDR on, in Windows 10, the screen gets darker. I can get the screen back to normall when I put the contrast level at 200, but then the games are way to bright.


      I use the following configuration:


      AMD Ryzen 7 1700X - Processor

      MSI B350 GAMING PRO CARBON - Moederbord ATX

      G.Skill FlareX - DDR4

      Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 8 GB - Grafische kaart

      WQHD Gaming Monitor, 27 inch (7-serie) HG70QQUXEN | Samsung


      I tried to turn local dimming off, on and on auto, on my monitor but everything stays dimmed in Windows 10.

      The games (Hitman, Fifa 18, GR Wildlands) I play look ok, but I`m not pretty sure if its hdr. I`m also wondering if I can play games in HDR if the option is turned off in Windows?


      I`m wondering is this a Windows 10 problem, or AMD problem (not quitte sure, because NVidia has or had the same problem).


      I found these threats on the internet about the same problem:







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          You'll need to contact Microsoft for support with HDR in Windows 10.

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            Having a similar issue on my Samsung C32HG70QQ Monitor. When I activate HDR in the Windows 10 Display settings the whole screen just gets dark and matte. In games with HDR support it has the same effect. The last driver that worked correctly was 17.9.3-sep27 and even there it was somewhat buggy.


            My Specs: Windows 10 x64, Sapphire Radeon R9 FURY Nitro, Intel i7 2600K, 24Gb RAM

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              I just bought an HDR monitor and had the same experience when turning on HDR, everything dark and grayish.

              I found I could tweak out the settings to make it look more normal like you did, but a combination of things perhaps I did seemingly makes it behave better.

              Now at least, when I boot, it looks gray and dark, but when I play a video full screen with my video player it changes the mode of my monitor. When I exit from full screen, my monitor stays the way it is supposed to be.

              For reference, I have an rx 480 with a monoprice 10bit and HDR monitor, the video I'm playing with MPC-HC and the video is also HDR10 I think.


              It all seems kind of confusing and irregular what with settings in Windows, in the AMD Radeon settings, and on the monitor, and no good way to monitor whether it is working or not. I did test with looking at dxdiag output also.

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                its supposed to look like that, however you dont need to turn HDR yourself, the movie player or game you are playing will turn it on for HDR material and not turn it on for SDR material, leave it off.


                Works the same as the 3D toggle.