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    Radeon drivers for Fall Creators Update can't enable FreeSync with Standard Engine anymore


      Hello, well since the Crimson beta drivers for Fall Creators Update, I can't use FreeSync with my monitors Standard Engine(it says not supported). It only works with Ultimate Engine which I would like to use ofc but I can't because heh know what it gives brightness flickering ._. so I can only use Standard Engine and it isn't even working anymore with latest drivers. I know they're falls beta drivers but just wanted to say so you guys are aware and can fix it.


      And yeah, already tried unpluggin and plugin and restarting etc, its a software bug.



      Vega 64

      Monitor: Samsung 24CF390


      TL;DR: Crimson Falls Creators Update drivers says FreeSync "not supported" with monitors Standard Engine, it doesn't with Ultimate.