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Radeon drivers for Fall Creators Update can't enable FreeSync with Standard Engine anymore

Question asked by sylverion on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by sylverion

Hello, well since the Crimson beta drivers for Fall Creators Update, I can't use FreeSync with my monitors Standard Engine(it says not supported). It only works with Ultimate Engine which I would like to use ofc but I can't because heh know what it gives brightness flickering ._. so I can only use Standard Engine and it isn't even working anymore with latest drivers. I know they're falls beta drivers but just wanted to say so you guys are aware and can fix it.


And yeah, already tried unpluggin and plugin and restarting etc, its a software bug.



Vega 64

Monitor: Samsung 24CF390


TL;DR: Crimson Falls Creators Update drivers says FreeSync "not supported" with monitors Standard Engine, it doesn't with Ultimate.