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Windows 8 x86 does not recognize AMD FirePro W5100

Question asked by mdelapena on Oct 18, 2017
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I am an enthusiast of workstations and recently I did bought a FirePro W5100.


I did install it in my computer using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 edition and everything is fine.

The same happened when installed in Windows 7 Ultimate x86 edition.


Since yesterday I am trying to use this amazing videocard with Windows 8 Pro x86 but unsuccessfully.

Even trying with a clean Installation the result has been the same.

And this happened with Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 edition.

Both systems are fully updated.


Installed the drivers obtained from the official website: 14.502.1019-FirePro-WindowsX32X64 and this the last release.

Always I get the error 

HDMI Audio Driver

Final Status:Fail
Version of Item:
Size:1 Mbytes


Error messages
Driver Install: the driver package does not specify a hardware identifier


But FirePro W5100 stills without to be recognized.


Can you help please?


Greetings from Mexico