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R9 280X Memory Clock Stuck at 1500 MHz on Idle

Question asked by rpicker on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by crazyserb

Hi, I'm using R9 280X card, on every Crimson driver, once a while after watching some movies or playing games my graphic card memory clock doesn't go back to idle clock state.


Normally it should be: 300/150 for Graphic/Memory Clock on idle

Since Crimson Driver: 501/1500 for Graphic/Memory Clock on idle

My card max clock: 1050/1500


It gives around 15 celcius of temperature increase, not to count more power consumption while my PC not doing anything just because the memory clock stuck at 1500 MHz.

I don't have this memory clock problem with 16.7.2 driver, but my problem with 16.7.2, it gives graphic artifact in FIFA 18 (usually the artifact occurs on player's white kit or white hair). This will not happened on Crimson Driver, but then I will have the memory clock problem. Already tried every WHQL driver from 17.2.1 to 17.9.3, every one of them have this memory clock problem.


Is there any solution for this problem? Thanks


Edit: Sorry, the idle clocks for my card are 300/150 MHz, not 300/500 MHz.