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r9 200 series driver install error

Question asked by thegrumpyjew on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by ray_m

I have fired up my computer after being in storage from moving and I am having driver install issues. I have cruised the forums here for about 3 hours now an have not run across anyone having the same issues as myself so here we go.


1.) I found and selected the proper drivers for my card which is the r9 250 and when I try to install them I am getting an "Error 99" code. Meaning that due to Microsoft's security policy since the downloads have no electronic signature code from AMD windows won't allow it to install. I am currently running my PC in "safe mode networking". I have tried every command line I have found to try an bypass this issue to no avail. Turned off my UAC in hopes that may help an it doesn't. There is no option for me to bypass the error an allow the install to continue and would LOVE to be able to use my machine to it's full potential without it being in safe mode. Can anyone help me with my cause? I find myself wanting to bang my head against my monitor.....



Thanks for any input!