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RX460 Driver Crashing

Question asked by claw106 on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by claw106

I recently was given an RX460 for an old PC of mine, here are the specs if anyone was wondering:



Core 2 Duo Q6600, @ 2.4ghz


460W PSU

WIN 10




My issue is that at random times, the driver will crash and default wattman settings will be restored. I searched around a lot, and everyone said to downclock it as it probably came overclocked. That fixed the issue temporarily, but no longer than an hourish later, the crashing happened again. I have not been able to simulate this temporary fix again, so it might have just been a stroke of luck.


The drivers are the latest (at the time of writing this), and I have tried it on a friends computer, and it works fine. Other graphics cards also work in the PCI slot.