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Laptop - Asus ROG Stryx GL702ZC non-functional FreeSync after driver update

Question asked by deksman2 on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Meteorhead

Ok, I just got myself the Asus ROG Stryx GL702ZC laptop which shipped with 17.6 drivers.

FreeSync was functioning at the time as the laptop panel is FreeSync capable.

Obviously, I wanted to update the drivers to the latest version for the purpose of enhancing performance, stability, adding chill, etc.


The GPU in the laptop is RX 580 4GB with 1077 MhZ boost speed... it's a desktop grade RX 580 with lowered clocks and 65W TDP.

CPU: Ryzen 1700 (desktop version).

RAM: 16GB 2400 MhZ so-dimm (1 slot - running in single channel).

SSD: 256GB


OS: Windows 10 Home.


Now, AMD obviously never released GPU drivers for the mobile version RX 580 in this laptop - which shouldn't be difficult since it's a desktop grade one, so I had to resort to downloading AM4 B350 chipset utility, and it offered to install the latest GPU drivers.

After the installation was done, FreeSync stopped working. I did a clean install of the drivers. FreeSync option is greyed out and registers as 'not supported'.


Additionally, I don't have Wattman showing up under Global settings at all.

It simply doesn't exist.

Either this is a limitation because the GPU is a modification of the desktop one, and AMD and Asus need to work out on supporting it, or it's artificially limited from showing up. Is there a way to enable Wattman manually in that case?

I have no plans on overclocking the GPU, only to try and undervolt it.