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    NowTv Error Msg (c0262500) - A6-5200 APU


      Hi i have the same issue as this person on this now locked thread, but i have a follow up question to do with the history of my version of this problem. I hope i'm doing right be posting it in this way.

      Original thread https://community.amd.com/message/2820084?q=Radeon%20HD%208400


      My question is this....

      My initial issue came from a nowtv error msg (c0262500). On NOWtv support page it was recommended that i go into device manager>display devices>update drivers. I did this successfully & windows installed what it said was the latest drivers. This worked successfully & all fine until 24 hrs later when i got the same error msg.


      I right clicked on my desktop & clicked Radeon Settings (i had vague recollection of someone doing that to help me with something display related yrs ago so thought i'd investigate see if i could update or repair fromn there, but It said i had no graphics driver installed or it not functioning properly.


      I then went to lenovo support page & tried to install their recommended update for display drivers for my machine, it said the download failed. However the download did appear on my desktop. It initially wouldnt run said it was being used in another program. (After a reboot this morning it now launches the set up wizard for AMD VGA Driver but i havent followed it up as i went to the AMD site instead).... And thats when I installed the AMD autodetect program & it tried to install a driver but it had partially installed it (sorry dont remember which one & i cant even find the program now to look). As the other person did i tried to go to the main AMD drivers site & download manally but there was no option for HD8400.


      At any rate i now see from the above thread that it's the APU/AMD driver i need to install, but I wonder after all this messing about previously do i need to uninstall anything first? Should i do the Roll Back to the previous driver that i initially fiddled with that device mgr updated for me? Or just go straight to the other install as recommended on the above thread.


      I'm sorry to be dense but this is all way over the limit of my tech know-how, & I've got myself in over my head & am in a right muddle now, hoping someone can advise me. I should not have tinkered with what i dont really understand but trying to learn as i go.


      I have a lenovo G505 20240 series Laptop running windows 8.1 64bit

      System info says I have an AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon HD graphics 2GHz (lol whatever that means!)

      Device manager says driver is AMD Radeon HD 8400   Driver version

      I know the info req'd thread asks for details on Display Devices, but thats not listed, only Display Adapters which takes me to the info listed above. Is the display device the screen? under Monitors is just says Generic PnP monitor.

      4GB RAM

      I hope this info is enough, iI'm afraid I dont know what the rest of the Req'd info is or how to find out sorry.


      thanks hopefully



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          "I hope this info is enough, iI'm afraid I dont know what the rest of the Req'd info is or how to find out sorry." Don't worry about it...the "Info Required" notice is so well hidden, you have to work for AMD to know where to find it

          Read these :

          Laptop graphics update...How to

          Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers


          How to manually download the correct drivers > Download Drivers



          Correct drivers (never install the 'minimal setup. always the full version. This is the only driver you install) > APU

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              HUGE thank you Kingfish I will get started on that now.


              If i could please trouble you to just clarify 2 questions on that process...

              1) to do the clean install i need to get windows updated & there are 35 optional updates (i was advised in the past never to install anything but the important updates due to bugginess of WU....) was that bad advice? If not then other than creating a restore point in system restore, is there anything i should do to protect against/mitigate effects of any issues due to all the new updates? I just worry that if i do all that & something is glitchy after i complete the clean instal i'll have no idea whats causing the problem?


              2)I have never used safe mode before, i have looked up online how to do it but am unsure what the desktop will look like... how will i find DDU in order to run it once it in safe mode? will it just be there on the desktop looking same/similar to usual? Sorry to ask such an elementary question but it's no good if i get there & i cant get back here to ask for help.



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                  Yes...install all optional updates with the exception of foreign language packs,etc. The 'optional' updates are some of the most important.....netframework, C++ upgrades, etc.

                  DDU is a program just like everything else. It will be in your program list.

                  I find it is sometimes easier to enter Safe Mode by going to 'Run' and entering   msconfig  > Boot  > and select 'Safe Mode with networking'. Then restart the computer and it will restart in Safe Mode. Run DDU and it will automatically restart your computer normally...install the new drivers.


                  Every time Windows Update installs updates, it creates a restore point..so no worries.

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                      Thanks so much, clearly i was ill advised when told not to install optional updates!

                      I notice that at the top of the list of optional updates is an AMD graphics adapter update... (ahem... cough... lets just pretend that if i'd installed that when it was released 2yrs ago it wouldnt have possibly prevented me getting in this mess in the first place! )


                      "DDU is a program just like everything else. It will be in your program list."

                      Yeah , as with finding sysconfig through the Run function, I have no 'programs list' or Run, or anything else that i was used to, because stupid windows 8 got rid of the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, & I've been completely flummoxed ever since. I knew where everything was but now it's just guess work mainly, i just dont know where to find anything & just swipe the 'charms bar' in (ugh ruddy thing i despise it) & use the search function, or I use the desktop short cut for things if i have it.

                      I was just concerned that in safe mode all the seacrh function from the charms bar might not be accessible. Possibly DDU will be in my downloads folder but again that will only be accessible if the little file icon in the task bar will still be there in safe mode?


                      I looked up online how to get to sysconfig in windows 8.1 - through control panel>administrative tools, so that should be ok despite not know how to do Run without the Start button.


                      I really do appreciate all your help with this kingfish

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                          I use "Classic Shell" on all my Win8.1 machines. It's free and makes the desktop look exactly like Win7...start button and all. Or you can choose the Metro desktop...

                          Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements

                          This is from my Win 8.1 laptop:



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                              OMG that looks ace! i will definitely get that installed tomorrow! What a relief to see all the old familiar menus etc. Do you know if it will still work in safemode? (lol sorry i only have a vague idea of what safe mode is/does)


                              Thanks so much for recommending it wish i'd known about that 2yrs ago!

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                                Should i uninstall AMD Quickstream as part of my uninstallation of all things AMD or is that a different thing entirely?

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                                    Just use the 'remove a program' feature in the computer control panel as noted. Then DDU. Anything that should be removed, will be removed. Did you install this AMD Quickstream?

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                                        Hi, no i dont think i installed it I'm pretty sure it was preinstalled (it's possible i installed it if i was told to by netflix or other streaming service, but if i did it was a long time ago as i dont remember doing it)  dont know what it is, assume it's something to do with optimising streaming services. I only asked here because its in the list of programs (in the control panel 'change or uninstall a program' list) & there are 2 entries on the list  - AMD quickstream & AMD software.... so with the clean install instructions only showing the AMD Software removal i just wanted to check.


                                        Am familiarising myself with all the steps so i know exactly what to do when it comes to it, am a bit trepidatious as it quite an advanced procedure for me & so I just want to be clear on everything before i start, appreciate yr patience.


                                        Have installed classic shell. Its GREAT. thanks.

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                                  When i come to the clean install step "delete the contents of the C:/AMD folder".....


                                  Is it JUST the contents of the driver folder listed as C:/AMD ? and that folder alone?


                                  I ask because in the C:/ folder, there is a folder entitled AMD containing all kinds of stuff inc >packages>drivers. But underneath that in C: there is also a folder called Drivers (separate from the AMD folder), containing a folder called AMD VGA Driver, which also has a list of several versions of itself- do i delete those contents too?


                                  Sorry it's just so confusing - is the idea to delete EVERYTHING AMD? and then use DDU to clean up anything missed?


                                  or, since it says to only remove the contents of the driver files, will i mess things up it i delete files i shouldnt?


                                  Those instructions are obviously really straightforward if you understand what everything means but......