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Cannot Install driver for Radeon  360 graphics card

Question asked by coldbrew on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by coldbrew

I just purchased and installed a Radeon R7 360 graphics card in my PC running Windows 7 64-bit. I connected the monitor to the card using a DVI-I cable. I went to the AMD website and used the feature that automatically detects and installs the drivers and went through the install process, which said it was successful. When I rebooted the computer, Windows would not launch; the monitor said it was going to sleep and the power button turned from green to yellow. I had to force a shutdown and after restarting, went into "safe mode" and then did a system restore to get Windows working again.

I then went to the AMD site again, and this time I went through the process to manually select the correct driver and went through the download/install process again. After rebooting the PC, Windows would not launch again, and I had to go through safe mode and system restore again.


How can I get the driver to install properly? This is driving me crazy.


BTW - how can I contact AMD tech support? The link on their website to fill out an online trouble ticket does not work, it just opens a new tab in the browser that stays blank. Is there any way to deal with AMD tech support directly?


THank you