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Vega 56 + Samsung c27hg70 color "tie dye" distortion when exiting full screen video.

Question asked by enacku on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by enacku

Hello everyone,



This monitor and amd vega combo has been great since I got it beginning of October, up until recently I am having this major issue.


My rx vega 56 has the latest drivers and or latest firmware (1012.0) for the samsung c27hg70. When I watch a full screen video, then go back to standard size. My entire screen turns colorful like a 70's tie dye shirt color, but on acid. If I have a game open then I can alt-tab back in to the game and the display goes back to normal with normal colors. I currently use display port and freesync with ultimate engine. Can you please help or send this to the appropriate team as this is an insanely huge pain. To fix I either have to reboot and alt-tab in to a game. It happens only when full screening like youtube or other video content then going back to normal size.


I don't have a picture now as I'm at work but I'll try to get one.