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"Currently Installed" displays 16.12.2 even though I've installed 17.10.1 or higher

Question asked by sniper2008009 on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by kashona

Hi guys, I've recently installed the latest Radeon drivers for my MSI R9 380 4G but the driver still shows it's still on 16.12.2 even though I've already installed the latest version (17.10.1). I've been having this problem ever since I've tried the Intel Compiler patch (I have the FX-8350 CPU) for my system that "purportedly" removes the genuineIntel tag and claims to run programs faster. I gave it a try but then problems like these show up. Anytime I install newer drivers, it still displays the old one (16.12.2) even though I've already kept my GPU drivers up to date. I've looked at the system tab on Radeon though and it seems some of the driver versions are up to date. Is this negligible or will this cause some instability on my GPU? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!