No Graphics Driver Installed AMD Radeon R9 M375

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My problem is as follows:

I had the driver version 15.201.1101.0, but I wanted to test Forza Horizon 3, so I downloaded the demo.After downloading I saw a message that I need to run version 17 .... so I downloaded the most advanced driver from AMD version 17. I do not know how, but after checking in the device manager it was version 22 ... but let's skip it. After a few hours I finished the game without encountering any problems at that time. The next day I wanted to play FIFA 17, already after the start I saw the difference-no response after the startup.When I entered the Ultimate Team (nwm or someone knows what is going on, but there are different players and build their own team). I switched and turned on the game-it did not help, so I restarted the computer-also did not help.I guess it was from the drivers, then I restored their previous version from the device manager, that is to 15.201.1101.0.Problem lost, but appeared another - I can not change the graphics card ie AMD-I and that is the biggest problem, because after buying some new game I am purposing through the intel card and I can not change to the AMD card because clicking the right mouse button and selecting ' The radeon adapter '' message appears: '' No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the amd driver is not functioning Please, install the AMD driver appropiate for your AMD hardware. Please help! I thought I should uninstall the drivers for this card (AMD) and upload those from the device manager so that it would be most comfy if you mess up my fix! If the problem lies elsewhere write it because it is very cumbersome. It does not work. I remind you that the previous games (which I chose to run on this card work) .Other parameters of the computer (laptop):

Lenovo Z51-70 (80k601btpb)

Processor ----> Intel Core i7 2.4GhzTurbo 3.2Ghz

Graphics Card ---> AMD Radeon R9 M375 4GB and Intel HD Graphics 5500

RAM ----> DDR4 8GB

Thanks in advance for all!


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