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    installing AMD driver freeze window 10


      here is the system i have

      ASUS Rampage IV formula updated to latest bios

      AMD 295x2 watercooled

      ST 1500 w PSU

      ram Gskill 4x4 = 16 GB

      Window 10 pro 64 bit


      I have tried several different version of including the latest one but it will freeze EVERY TIME trying to install amd driver. here are the steps i have tried


      tried using Driver cleaner from AMD site and it will also freeze window


      1. run cpu on stock speed and still freeze


      2. i thought it was a bad SSD drive so i installed FRESH Window 10 on separate SSD drive and tried installing AMD Driver and still crashed.


      3.window update will try to update driver and will freeze


      4. try to install driver in safe mode ( successful) BUT no other AMD applications can be installed. I need the AMD Crimson app because i am thinking of upgrading to Freesync monitor



      please help me. i have tried researching about this issue for several days already and at this point i really don't know what to do