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     Hi. My name is Cosmin, I made this account so i can get some help. I don't know what to do with my PC (I will post my specs below). To beggin with, I wanted to build a buget gaming PC. I decided to go with the AMD because i really like the products and the prices. first i bought a motherboard and a amd fx processor.. (then i bought the other components... ) the last component that I needed was the GPU, which i got at the beggining of this year (february 2017) it was the amd rx460 STRIX Nitro 4gb... everything was really good. But, after like 2 months after i got the GPU, i realised one problem that started with the game called Titanfall 2. I was about to play that game, i was in tutorial when my game starts to stutter (if that's how it's called) the sound was really buzzing and the video was like i had 2 fps. (I mention that before this to happen, everything worked fine, i got above 60 fps no matter what). I had to CTRL+ALT+DEL to close it, after i closed the game even the desktop was stuttering. the mouse was really laggy, but after 1 min it came back to normal. After that moment, I don't know what happened to my PC, but then i played Forza Horizon 3 (which worked perfectly before that), after roaming a little on the map.. started to do the same, (and the same with GTA 5, which i say again that it worked perfectly before) and now, everytime i play a game that needs a little more "resources" it starts to stutter. If i put the graphics on lower settings, it won't do it because it doesn't need so much "resources". Now i don't know what to do with this PC, to make it work again like before. I thought that there were some USB conflict or so.. with my gamepad, but it's the same with or without it.


I would like to hear from anybody else who got this problem, if they resolved it, how they did it.

Thank you


My PC:

CPU: AMD FX-8300

Memory: 2x 4gb Ram DDR3 (which works in dual channel)

GPU: AMD Radeon RX460 Nitro OC

Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M LX3

Other: SSD Kingston 240gb (this is where i installed my windows), and 1Tb Hdd Toshiba.