Veteran Group look for some help.

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As of now I am look for some kind of sponsorship in the hopes of relieving the burden of myself to assist local Veterans in the hopes of controlling PTSD symptoms. We call our self TwistedVets and we try to play games such as Call of Duties, Battlefields, and Playerunknown Battlegrounds. While Deployed to oversea combat areas when possible we would play games to lower the tempo of the day and also to ground our self from the bad days. Now some of us are dealing with the past and feel comfort in playing games with the ones we served with down range. As of right now we only have two computers that are able to play games. One which is my personal rig a Cheap Alienware aurora R6 with low specs and another rig with an FX-8120, wraith cooler, Gigabyte motherboard (it just took a crap) and 16 GB of ddr3. We have low quality monitors and a couple of laptops but they can't run anything recent. I pay monthly for the 300mb/s internet out of my pocket along with the power bill. I am not looking for a sponsorship to get the best of the best, but I'd be happy with last gen hardware just to get a couple of my buddies on a system.


Right now we have a total of 15-22 Combat vets and Veterans That rotate with my computers and some bring their own to jump in on the action. Given the fact they don't all come over at the same time because of the wait times. I usually running the LAN events on the weekend after I get off work. I can only do so much with what I have and anything would help even if it's just parts so that I can add to it to make a system. Right now I have a two rooms that I use for gaming on the week and try to supply food and drink when i can or when other bring something. We all are mostly Combat Veterans that are on limited budgets.


I hope I am reaching the right people to direct me to the right people.


On the off chance that someone has parts lying around not being used, we would greatly appreashate anything and put it to use right away. please email or PM for address or donate here Fundraiser by Richard Satterly : TwistedVet's Computer Needs

After we get some needs met, well will be stream from my channel at YouTube Twisted MP and Twitch TwistedVeteran