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So what do we know about the thermal pads on the R9 290x?

Question asked by vandermere on Oct 14, 2017

I've disassembled my card to try to quiet and/or cool things off a little. I've replaced the fan and I can get thermal paste on the GPU just fine. The one part I'm not familiar with, though, is thermal padding. What I have is in pretty bad shape and looks like it should be replaced. Ive attached a picture of the underside of the cooler if that helps.


The large blue pads on the left are covering large black chips surrounding the GPU. I can't tell if they are for thermal transfer or only padding. Should these be replaced? With thermal padding or with anything 1mm thick? Possibly weatherstripping or something like that?


The strip of grey pad on the right covers some small silver chips and looks to me like thermal transfer material. Correct? In which case, would I need to use a thermal pad or is it possible to use a tiny drop of paste on each chip?


If it makes a difference, this is a reference card manufactured by XFX, though I can't quite get a straight answer on which of them is responsible for the cooler. Any ideas here, Community? Thanks in advance!