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RX 480 fan speed

Question asked by xartersauce on Oct 14, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Hardwood

I have an MSI RX480 4GB Model.  For some reason the Fans do not follow the acceleration curve dictated by temperature increase.  I will set the fan speed Minimum and Target, as well as temp Max and Target under the GlobalWattman settings, and it will only work for a day or so before it resets itself AUTOMATICALLY back to stock.  Ive been gaming and realize that my GPU fans are really quiet and then look at the temp and its over 200F on the VRM diode, and 170F on the GPU diode.  The fans should automatically kick in WAY before these temps are reached. Even if I leave the Wattman settings on Auto, the fans still don't speed up in relation to temperature.   Anyone have any suggestions? I really like this GPU and would rather it not burst into flames while playing games, lol.  Thanks.