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R9 290 doesnt give 60Hz in 4k (2160p)

Question asked by kost9lbrik on Oct 14, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2017 by kost9lbrik

Hello everyone.

I've met a problem with getting 2160p@60Hz with my R9 290 over DP1.2 to HDMI 2.0 adapter with LG 43UH6100 TV.

In every setup I tried to do both UHD deep color enabled/disabled on TV.

At first I couldnt get 4k resolution at all, but after lots of manipulations and search over the net, I finally could manage to get 2160p@30Hz. To get this I installed latest drivers 17.10.1.

After reading this thread - I  tried to use CRU, and follow the manual there. Didnt help.

Then I decided simply roll back to drivers where people still could get 60Hz with 2160p resolution.

And what a miracle, simple delete of 17.10.1 and install of 16.8.3 drivers solved the problem, TV turned on already with 2160p@60Hz. So I finished my work and turned off PC.

Next morning I am starting PC, expecting to get all working fine, but Ive got 2160p@30Hz. In settings 60Hz was not available again(((...

I tried to reinstall drivers - didnt help. Tried to install 17.10.1 and roll back to 16.8.3 - didnt help.  Tried to install 16.7.3 - didnt help as well. Tried again to use CRU with the procedure described in thread above (in every 17.10.1/16.8.3/16.7.3) - didnt help.

Something tells me that this problem can be solved just with going to Registry or something like as 60Hz just doesnt appear in settings menu, but I am not that good with this problem.


ONCE again. I did manage to get 2160p@60Hz, and all worked fine until I reboot PC.

Would appreciate any help.