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Low contrast on youtube videos.

Question asked by stefan83 on Oct 14, 2017

Hi, i bought a Dell U2417h pls type panel to replace a burned Ips monitor from Lg. I currently run a system with Rx 470 Strix and latest driver 17.10.1. It has great color on desktop , in games and used on movies but on Youtube the colours are very dim. The luminosity and contrast of videos is very dark, and the colours look washed out, like watching an old western movie.

I tried the provided MDP cable provided by Dell, an Hdmi and DP cable and the results are the same. The colours look washed out, skin tones are incorrect and this leads to eyestrain.


I am using the monitor at 90 brightnes, 75 contrast, and i am using the following driver settings:


Rgb Full, Brightness 5, contrast 3, Saturation 130.


Anything above that and the desktop starts to look too bright.


So my question is if i'm doing something wrong.The Lg that i had at same contrast settings was more bright on youtube.Is there any way to fix the contrast on youtube clips?