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Graphic card not detected, Toshiba L50 B, amd r7 m260

Question asked by baptiste on Oct 14, 2017

Hello world, my laptop graphics card is not detected.

It is therefore a Toshiba L50 b with an intel I5 and a CG AMD Radeon R7 m260.

It is not even present in the Device Manager.

When I use the AMD detection utility it does not find it.

  On other device detection software, similar, not found.

  The games do not detect it ...  Before she walked and one fine day, no more.  I tried a lot of stuff, reinstalling windows etc etc ... Nothing, nada.

Is it grilled?

I saw that there is a method to pass the card in the oven, like a pizza ...

It is a GPU that is soldered to the motherboard.


Thank you!