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dual monitor not being detected

Question asked by nothingworks on Oct 14, 2017

i have done literally everything i know and wasted hours already with windows support chat, who repeated all same useless things i did and then told me it was an issue for AMD. i have an onboard AMD Radeon HD 7660D, i am using a VGA splitter for it, both monitors power on just fine and show a duplicate image at the wrong resolution (the resolution of the much larger 1 monitor). this issue persists the same whether i am using my ubuntu 16 hard drive, or windows 10 one.


in windows 10, i personally updated all of my drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled both monitors, updated windows, windows support did all the same. they even told me my system was running perfectly and it must be a hardware issue the 2nd time i wasted 2 hours of my life on a chat with them. the 4th time i wasted 2 hours of my life on a chat with them (after buying a new splitter), they told me that maybe this card doesn't support dual monitors, or the driver is messed up and i needed to talk to you all. that makes no sense to me whatsoever but i am completely at a loss for answers at this point so here i am.


please help, im extremely frustrated and sick of dealing with this.


edit / both monitors have now suddenly turned bright pink and the clock is wrong for no discernible reason i am in hell i think