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2 R290s, 3 BenQ2450 monitors and suddenly memory clock stuck to max?

Question asked by msuomi on Oct 13, 2017
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Windows 10 x64

2 R290 Tri-X cards in Crossfire

3 Benq 2450 monitors, 1 HDMI and two DVI.


I had problem with the latest drivers and Eyefinity's bezel correction. Cleaned with DDU and installed earlier back. Eyefinity works again properly.


But now I have first cards memory always on 3D-settings. And I have traced this to be the case, when one of my DVI-connected displays is on...

BUT only one of them. So, from left to right, display: 3,1,2.

1 is on HDMI

3 and 2 with DVI.

Whenever display 2 is on together with display 1, the memory of GPU is stuck to max 3D-clocks. It wasn't like this earlier.

Something wrong with the display???? Could it also be the DVI-cord? I have never seen anything like this before


I've been checking this further. I again wiped drivers with DDU and installed them again. I normally have desktop on extended 3 displays, and the first GPU's memory is now always on 3D-settings. If I turn monitor 2 off, from Windows settings, the memory clock returns to normal. So when I say "On or Off" here, I mean enabled on Windows display properties...


Display 1 (HDMI) and 3 (DVI) on, GPU 1 memory clocks normal

Display 2 (DVI) and 3 (DVI) on, GPU 1 memory clocks normal

Display 1 (HDMI) and 2 (DVI) on, GPU 1 memory clocks always on 3D-state

I swapped the monitor 2 to use HDMI and Monitor 1 to use DVI. Same thing (when monitor 2 on with monitor 1-> full 3D-state memory clocks).

I swapped the DVI-monitors on different ports on GPU 1, same thing (when monitor 2 and monitor 1 on -> full 3D-state memory clocks)

I tried with different DVI-cable on monitor 2, nothing changes... I'm at lost here, could it really be something wrong with the monitor? Sounds odd.

Some detection error? Shouldn't DDU clear everything? I even tried with latest WHQL-drivers, but it's still the same...


So, now after many hours of testing the conclusion is, that when I use monitor 2 together with monitor 1, the GPU 1 memory clock is always on 3D-state. On any other combination it's normal...