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    update broke my gpu?


      Hi. I recently started updating my driver to Crimson ReLive Edition 17.10.1 Optional. I restarted my pc when prompted as usual and my GPU died. gone.....no more! I had a R9 280 3G dual X.

      I have had no signs what so ever of my card failing...it has done a sterling job up until now but it is now broke in just under 3 years.

      Anyone have a similar experience?




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          Have you rolled back to the previous driver? In Device Manager > display > AMD . properties > roll back to previous version.

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            Same card (Sapphire) and the update appears to have killed either my fans or the fan controller.   All of my symptoms seem very similar to the "fan bug" us r9 owners got back in 2015.  I've reverted back to 17.6.1 but still having to rely on manual fan control via overdrive as the "Auto" fan setting does nothing, regardless of temperature (I let it tank up to 80C a few times, fan just won't kick in on its own).  Then went nuclear and did a clean windows install, same problem.


            Could just be coincidence and down to bad luck, but these crimson drivers seem to have been a nightmare.

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                hey are you still having the same issue with your card? I have the same card, by sapphire and recently I get crashing during games and sometimes the error message "...exe has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware". I did a full uninstall of the drivers with DDU and update to most current drivers but I cant fix this issue. I even "refreshed" my windows 10 with the same error still occurring. Also when I am looking at the read outs for the gpu in overdrive often it appears it is only working at about 20%


                So is this related to the driver or did the card break after the update? I am long time pc user but I have never built a pc and so I'm not sure if I should try and resolve this via software or if I need to buy a new card?