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ReLive not working?

Question asked by vexuren on Oct 12, 2017
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Okay, recently I was thinking of recording my games for no reason at all then just to have it, and a friend was telling me about different recording softwares and it eventually led to me trying to use ReLive. After looking it up it seems im missing the ReLive option in the Radeon Settings. Ive looked it up and tried many things to fix it; tried DDU and AMD Clean Up Utility many times, and I tried running amddvr64 but nothing seems to work. When looking into it I was pretty sure my gpu was also compatible.


Im using the Alienware 17 laptop with a i7-4710MQ, AMD Radeon HD8970M, 16GB RAM on Windows 10 and using and my current driver version is 17.7.2