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    Full Panel Scaling not working


      I'd like to point out my laptop's specs:

      ASUS X550ZE-XX026H

      AMD A8-7200p

      AMD Radeon R5 M230 2GB DDR3

      4GB ram

      500GB HDD


      I use 17.7.2.


      Here is the problem. GPU Scaling is on and Scaling Mode is set to "Full Panel" but Full Panel does not work and games show black bars when I use any other resolution. When I use 1280x720, black bars do not exist but I feel uncomfortable with that resolution.


      I've tried other drivers, reinstalled the driver by clean installation. Problem still exists.


      How do I solve this?


      Here's proof that I have Full Panel enabled:


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          And what is the native resolution of your laptop screen?

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            Any solutions?

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                You can solve this easy, but to explain is drawn out.


                I just went through full Panel not working on both AMD n Intel, both needed the same fix


                Trusted Installer has ownership of all the profiles until fixed You going to want to head to C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color

                first and take onwership of both the folder and files located in it. Chose the Avanced Tab and click the Change Syem Defaults, then haed to Adanced Tab Calibrate your display, But be sure to REMOVE SPledid or any other profiles listed in the Panel AND the Fold your taking ownership of that are Asus Related, OK? , K got it moving on



                Now head to Display in windows10 settings, this will also work on 7/8/8.1 Same folder, same place same settings


                and clck Display Adapter Properties button located at the bootom as seen in the picture, making sure you are at 100% SCALE AND LAYOUT basically change your sizing of Text and Frmats to 100%, they removed the Win7/8 regestry strings, so this will work just as well See picture,

                Flip between your Native and another Support Diplay mode, to allow windows10 to recoginize the monior again, now when you use crimson aftwards Going from Full to Aspect your mouse should properly center screen capture.... that will tell you it worked.

                If you have access to a game such as NWN98 that has a 1080p screen test or something that can test your native resolution i would use that to test to make sure you have full screen as well


                signout and Reboot to allow the system to honor your new changes, install any color profiles you want now and enjoy proper Full Screen scaling or Aspect Ratio scaling all day long



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