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Why they are avoiding 4K in VR headsets? Is the technology there??

Question asked by molokow on Oct 12, 2017
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I was thinking, probably, the same issue with VR and PC is the FPS and the consistency of such under a heavy shading load at 4K.
Do you think VR companies and gaming Developers will enable Asycnhrnous Shading with AMD GPU's to get 4K?


It should be completely fine with the RX64's to get the consistent FPS and Quality with Shading at 4K.


Unfortunately, NVIDIA would be out. Personally, I think it sucks that not many Dev's are enabling this because of the product power of NVIDIA>


Can we see more support for AMD to advertise this to companies such as Oculus??

I hope so.


I feel they wont go to 4K because of the quality but the tech is there with AMD and Async shading. Because you always get those people that compare the maximum FPS and dont consider the shading and FPS under load.


I think AMD should bring out a game with Async Shading enabled so people can see. AMD exclusive or something or have it for the VR>