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firepro 2460 with 3 monitors, will not work in win 10. using dvi with all three monitors will work in win 7

Question asked by steathb on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by steathb

Have two identical dell monitors plus a Samsung monitor that worked fine in win 7 pro. all DVI

Upgraded to win 10 pro (32bit) with two monitors , had a bit of issues but finally worked. but now when adding the Samsung it see's the display but will not extend . it will only say to use this display you must disable one of the active displays. I have loaded the latest drivers ;15.201.2401.1010-170130a311214E-Retail      OS ; Window 10 Pro, version 1703


if i do deactivate one of the displays  the other will work.


had i known that at first then i would have fall back before the 30 day try out. now im looking at rebuilding win 7 up again and reinstalling  software (DAW w/about 50 VST programs that may need reinstalling) it can take a few full days of installing and i didn't make an image backup before the upgrade, thinking there was no 30 day limit.. .


i had read in other posts of the same issues. partially Win 10 issues and partially AMD issues most likely stemming from Win 10 issue


is there any new or beta drivers that could alleviate this issue. ?