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Ryzen 7 1700: Games Freeze And Crash Within Minutes

Question asked by troutstrangler on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2017 by lowlifemarrow21

I assembled a new gaming rig back in july that consisted of the following parts:


Ryzen 7 1700 cpu

Asrock 370 Taichi mobo

2 sticks of 8gb ddr4 corsair ram

Nvidia 970 GTX gpu

Master liquid pro 120 h2o pump

WD 250Gb SSD

WD1TB 7200Rpm HDD

RW/DVD drive

EVGA 650w psu


Since assembly, any game i attempt to play crashes within minutes of launch. the crash is odd as the game screen will freeze but the game audio will i can still hear my character walking when i used the wsad keys or open the inventory with the esc key...but not image update. I have gone through the trouble shooting of using ddu to unistall and reinstall the graphics drivers at least 100 times. I have also done a windows install from flash with a clean install and completely reformated both storage devices about 3 times. No success. Next i began RMAing and swapping parts starting with the gpu. i replaced the 970 gtx with a 1080 gtx as i was told my gpu was bad. No difference. I RMA'ed the change. next i RMA'ed the mobo. Upon recieving the new change. I was told my HDD was junk, so i replaced that with a WD 2tb 5200 rpm change. Tonight in a sort of ditch effort i purchased an EVGA 850w psu...and what do you change. I have also mem tested my ram with no change. To sum things up...i am out of ideas. is it possible that the issue is cpu related? i also get occasional instances where the screen will go black and return. Has anyone else had this issue?